Why Adopt a Turtle from Turtle Rescue?

Adoption is better then purchasing a turtle from your local pet shop because you are saving and caring for a turtles life who has not really had the best time on this earth. Owning a turtle can be a big responsiblity and there are many things you need to know, Turtle Rescue can help you on your way to being an amazing turtle owner and give your new friend for life!

When you purchase a "baby" turtle from say - a pet shop or a buy / sell page chances are you are not aware if it is a male or a female and many people are not aware that if your turtle is a girl... chances are you will end up contacting donna, a female turtle matures around 3 years and starts to lay eggs at this age they need to be in a controlled outside enviroment or have a large dirt area so they can dig and if they are not able to dig they can have medical issues when they lay eggs in their tank!   

We have friendly male - Red Eared Slider Turtles, just waiting to go home with well educated owners to nice inside tanks and tons of Female - Red Eared Slider Turtles wanting fenced and maintained ponds.

Contact us if you would like to look at adopting your own forever friend.