Planning on getting a turtle?


Sadly, many people who purchase a turtle from pet stores or private sale do not understand the full needs, setup and responsibility owning your own turtle comes with. Turtle rescue is dedicated to the education of the public on turtle health and well being.

Just like getting a puppy or a kitten - turtles need the right food, correct environment and knowledge and care to thrive and live a long, happy life. 

Donna can provide you with accurate information on your new family member's needs and can even save you money on unnecessary or wrong equipment.

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Already own a turtle?


Many times we have spoken to people who own turtles already and we find out that they are in too smaller tank, are with other turtles or have aspects of their setup that will be hindering their health and well being - you maybe surprised at how happy and healthier your turtle is after changing a few things with their setup or diet. Feel free to e-mail or browse this website for information on how to care for your turtle correctly. If you need help with an unwell turtle, Donna can help or direct you to someone who will. If you're going on holiday your turtle can be looked after for a nominal fee, please e-mail us for more information.


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