Turtle Tank Setup 

This is the correct setup for one male RES (Red Eared Slider) Turtle. Turtles do not need friends and will fight and attack each other if living in the same tank together they are territorial. Female turtles can be togther but need to be outside in a fenced pond area so they can lay their eggs.

With a male, you can get away with a 4ft tank (120cm) ....
but only if the water is very deep and tank is not narrow.

 A 5ft is ideal and a 6ft is excellent. Even a baby needs at LEAST a 3 ft (90cm) tank and that should be changed to a 4ft (120cm) by the time the turtle is a year old. To save money its best to get a larger tank to start with! Photo is of a 6 ft tank. The bigger the tank the better.

Filter Requirements
A large external canister filter is needed as turtles are very messy. Partial water changes are needed every week to stop turtle living in their own filth.

Lighting requirements
UVB reptile light ... if it doesnt say reptile, its no good.  You also need an ordinary incandescent bulb or a reptile heatlamp for a 'heat' source to encourage turtle out of the water. UVB bulb needs replacing 6 to 12 monthly.

Heat Light & Clamp Lamp
Turtles need a heat light to lure them up to the UVB light, if they are missing this light chances are your turtle will not want to bask!  A clamp is used to fasten this to the tank-  specific 50W Ceramic reptile heat lights can be used but also a Waterproof 50w flood light can also do the trick (They may blow easier though) . 

Enviroment Requirements
Shingle and stones is a huge killer of turtles... so plain tank bottom is best.
Driftwood is good for them to scratch, chew, rub against to help remove scutes  etc. Rocks can lead to ulcers, crush injuries and possible drowning.


(Although there are several turtles in this tank, they are young and physical conditions due to vitamin deficiency has led to deformed mouths etc so they are not bullying or fighting. BUT they are carefully observed and will be seperated if required. It is best to have one turtle per tank to prevent fighting and injuries.)




This tank is suitable for ONE male turtle, and although only 120cm x 50cm x 50 cm, you can get away with it for the life of the turtle as the water level is high. The basking end of tank is 60cm high with a 'topper'. Basking ramp is positioned 25cm from the top of the tank to allow for lighting to be placed directly on top. Basking area is 35cm from base of tank. Bigger is better and if you can, please make your tank larger then this one.

It's totally unsuitable for a female and although there are several turtles in this tank, thats only because they are young and had not started to bully or fight ... However within 2 weeks of the photo being taken, bullying had started.

So turtles were seperated in to their own tanks or placed in a pond to prevent fighting and injuries.