Rehoming your turtle

This is a sad, yet realisitic truth. You cannot tell the gender of a turtle until close to a year old. If you have a female turtle, they become very large and start to lay eggs at around 5 years of age. If not able to access a suitable nesting area, females can become egg bound and die. Females are best living in large ponds. Male turtles are best to live on their own as they are territoral and don't need friends. If you have more than one turtle in a tank, particularly males, they will fight. This can be deadly. 

Turtle Rescue already has many inhabitants, but will always help a turtle in need. If you have a female and are unable to provide a pond for her, Donna can swap her for a male. If you can provide a suitable aquarium for the male turtle, Donna will rehome your female to a suitable pond or it will remain at Turtle Rescue.

If you need information about diet or living environment, Donna can provide you with all the details you require, to ensure your turtle remains happy and healthy. Turtle Rescue can point you in the right direction for equipment, food and custom made tanks. 

Once you have your turtle set up correctly, its just a matter of feeding, providing weekly tank maintenance and watching your beloved turtle living a wonderful life!   - See our turtle care page for more information.

We have male Red Eared Slider turtles suitable for tanks and female turtles waiting for well fenced, maintained ponds

Contact us if you would like to adopt your own, forever friend.