When things go wrong...

CAUTION: Some of these images may be quite graphic

Looking after a turtle is a commitment and a responsiblity as well as enjoyable experience. If a turtle is not given the right enviroment to live and grow or the wrong food then they can get very sick or even die. Donna and Turtle Rescue see the effects of this day after day. This page has been created so you can see the cause and effect on these poor turtles and to educate new turtle owners so they can make the right changes to give a their turtle a long and happy life.



Cold Shock

Sudden drop in air temperature causes cold shock and drowning.

Deformed Shells

Turtles DO NOT grow to the size of their tank this is an urban myth!


Turtles NEED water to live in and eat! Without it they will die.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Inadeqiate diet, incorrect tank environment & incorrect lighting.


Caused by rocks, rough surfaces, lips and edges of basking areas

Turtle Fights

Turtles DO NOT need friends! They are territoral and will attack.

Overgrown Scutes

Due to high water temprature
and over feeding 


Caused by an infection not treated, vet assistance needed.




Ulcers -  Caused by rocks

Rough surfaces, lips on edges of basking areas and rocks can set up minute scratches. Then the bacteria filled water permeates and sets up an ulcer under the scute. Over time this becomes fatal.

You can see how 'hidden' the ulcers were. A seemingly small mark on the surface when opened up shows ulcers going right through the bone in some cases. Sadly,  these turtles required euthanasia.


Deformed Shells - Due to Small Tanks

This is 8yr old Darcey. This is extreme, but its what can happen when you cramp a turtle into a small tank :(


He is so deformed that he only has one lung as the other is crushed by his shell. So he swims completely on his side....but he's a great wee turtle!


Metabolic Bone Disease - inadequate diet, tank environment and lighting.

This tiny wee boy is suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease due to a completely inadequate diet, tank environment and lighting. His eyes are swollen from vitamin deficiency.

He'd been sharing his tank with a 10 yr old male who would have completely dominated and eaten what food they did get. An adult male should always have a tank on his own and has the potential to kill or severely injure a younger turtle.

If left, vit A deficiency would see the eyes swell so much that he would become completely blind. His nose is very pointed due to lack of muscle tissue and fat. Ignorance on the correct care of a turtle has seen him emaciated and very weak.

He is susceptible to illness and disease and would have died if he'd not received intervention.