Turtle Basking Areas


Idea of basking area and 2 lights  (One UVB and the other a normal light.) needed to keep a turtle healthy.


The temperature on the basking area can be around 30 - 32 Degrees Celcius, an 'exo terra' small size clamp lamp and  a 75 or 100 watt globe bulb from the supermarket is all thats needed for a normal light.
 This needs to be beside the UVB light to provide warmth and help dry them out. Its also crucial to stop the turtles looking 'up' at the UV light...it can do permanent eye damage to them.



When outside, they dont stare up at the sun as its warm.  A reptile light has no warmth, so they will look at it and not know they are getting harmful rays into their eyes.



ID earthquake turtles 2011 018.jpg

NOTE: Turtle tanks should NOT have a lid as this restricts the amount of UVB Light that can get into the area and can make your turtle sick.


Tank Toppers

These tanks I had made with the topper resting on the basking ramp inside tank walls. The one with green tape is perspex and as was made after quake is just held together with the tape at the moment as no-one around to make tanks etc.
Toppers are important so your turtle does not escape their tank whilst up on the basking area. Turtles can climb and hurt themselves if they manage to climb over the top of their tank.

ID earthquake turtles 2011 011.jpg

NOTE: The stones you can see on the basking area are encased in perspex so they are not accessible to the turtles due to being a big killer of turts :(

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