Outdoor Ponds For Turtles


A turtle over 15cm in shell length and only if set up properly, can live outside in a soft environment. That means either a natural clay bottomed pond, or pond-liner over sand or carpet.


DO NOT use concrete and avoid any rough rocks. Have water two feet deep for adult females and ensure theres nothing the turtle can bang into when it slides into the water. Position your pond for maximum sunlight, as turtles need a sunny basking area with access to shade.


Artificial grass, logs, garden or lawn make a suitable basking area. Use vermiculite or a mix of clay and loam or fine soil to provide a suitable egg laying place for your female. For hibernation an ideal is to have mud in the bottom of your pond, 46 cm below the frostline,for them to burrow into. DO NOT attempt hibernation without finding out some information about how to go about it successfully first.


These two ponds have a deeper area and then a lip/shallow ledge, so the turtle can glide into and from there climb out of the water easily.

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